What lenses work with the Canon Rebel T7?

Canon Rebel T7 lenses

Lens availability is of the main reasons that could make or mar a camera buying decision for anyone. And if you’re considering whether to buy the Canon Rebel T7, chances are you’ll want to know your options of lenses are for this incredible 24MP camera.

In this post, we’ll briefly discuss some of the critical things intending buyers would like to know about Canon Rebel T7 lenses. 

Canon EOS Rebel T7 lens mount

The T7 has the EF/EF-S lens mount.

Fortunately, that lens mount works with 326 native lenses. It is the broadest and most comprehensive lens offering in the DSLR sector of the camera industry. This diverse lens range is why Canon remains the number one choice for both pro and beginner photographers the world over. 

Of the 326 native lenses within the  EF/EF-S lens range, 112 of these lenses offer optical image stabilization. This is great considering the Rebel T7 does not have a sensor-based image stabilization feature. 

Choosing the best lens for Canon Rebel T7

You have hundreds of options to choose from. 

But you’ll only need a handful of lenses in your sling bag, depending on whatever you plan to do. The good thing about choosing a lens for Canon Rebel T7 is that there will always be a lens that meets your need. 

lens for Canon Rebel T7

Do you need a telephoto for portraits and weddings? Perhaps it’s a wide-angle lens for landscape and architecture photography for you. For some, it could be an all-in-one zoom for everyday photography or an excellent prime lens that you can rely on for travel and street photography. Whatever it is, you can have it!


The main thing is to know the type of lens you need for your type of photography. This will impact whether you’ll need a zoom or prime lens, telephoto or wide angles, small or wide apertures, etc. 

Once you have this figured out, you’ll be well on your way to having the time of your photography life with the fantastic Canon Rebel T7. 

It’s that simple!