The Best lens for the Canon Rebel T6i?

The Canon T6i Camera is an upper-level digital camera with various advanced connections, for instance, it has a quick control dial and a top LCD display. Since it is a high end, it also requires a high-end lens to operate fully. The best Canon T6i lens is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM. The lens is unique, compact and delivers high-end images.

Why is it unique?

Canon EF 50mm f:1.8 STM

The f/1.8 STM aperture reflects in tons of light allowing you to be able to shoot at night without getting blur shots. The lens does not require a flash, which can sometimes make your photos look bad, the aperture concentrates enough light. The lens is perfect for both indoor and outdoor photography. In addition, it is great for all types of photography from travel, food, low light to portrait and product. It has a focal length, which compresses the face of the object bringing more clarity.

Canon T6i lenses

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Another feature that makes f/1.8 unique is the shallow deep field that allows you to blur the background completely making the main subject stands out. Therefore, the lens it makes it easier and quicker to get professional shots.

The f/1.8 STM lens has STM feature for silent video focusing. The STM feature is not found in many lenses making them unpleasant since they cannot focus on one thing but peaks up other voices. Since Canon T6i has a Dual Pixel F technology, its combination with /1.8, STM lens makes it a great choice for recording serious and professional videos.

Besides, everything else, the colors, and the image quality of the Canon 50mm f/1.8 are great. In fact, this is the best lens you can ever have. Besides, it is the bestselling lens from canon and that says a lot about it, if it were not the best, it could not be the best selling.

A good way to own this lens and maybe with an extra zoom lens is to buy a Canon Rebel T6i bundle package.