GoPro Fusion Deals & Review

At last the long wait is over, and GoPro has eventually launched the revolutionary new Fusion. It is actually an innovative 360-degree camera which depicts us how simple it is to create VR footage and also how easily it can work with a flat screen as well. You have the option of playing it back in VR or you might also make use of the breathtaking OverCapture feature for creating some astounding photos and videos. The good thing is that you will be able to share all these on your phone as well and find the best GoPro Deals available.

GoPro Fusion Deals

This device is fully compatible with the GoPro application available on iPad mini 4, iPhone 6s, and other later gadgets. Moreover, it is also compatible with some of the earlier devices. GoPro Fusion requires a couple of top quality microSD or microSDXC cards having a UHS-II/III rating. It is imperative to go for the most recent software so as to get optimal performance and also use the most recent versions of the GoPro Fusion Studio application for your desktop.

Below we have mentioned some of the innovative features included along with GoPro Fusion.

The GoPro Fusion Key Features

1. OverCapture – This feature will help to transform 5.2K spherical video clips into conventional 1080p videos from virtually any angle on the phone. Works with iPad mini 4, iPhone 6s and later gadgets.

2. Turn spherical photographs into traditional shots – 18P spherical photographs can be cropped so as to create photos with a standard resolution which are simpler to save as well as share.

3. Mind blowing 360 experiences – Spherical footage can be played back in VR so as to enliven the experience along with everyone else.

4. Includes as many as 4 microphones.

5. HiLight Tag, Burst Photo, Time Lapse Video, Time Lapse Photo, Night Photo, Single Photo and Night Lapse Photo.

6. Inbuilt Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology plus GPS.

7. Water resistant up to 16 feet.

8. Innovative voice control feature.

9. Protune for photo and video.

GoPro Fusion vs GoPro Hero 6 Black

While using GoPro, importing as well as editing of the video footage is quite simple since the video is already stabilized and you simply need to edit it. However, in case of the GoPro Fusion, we need to import the video files and also stitch and then render them to a 16:9 video that can consume a considerable amount of time depending on the clip’s length. Consequently, the Hero 6 Black is the clear winner when it comes to simplicity of usage. On top of this, this device will also produce better quality videos.

However, in terms of stability, a 360 camera like the Fusion is in an advantageous position which could make it the better choice among the two. Moreover, the GoPro Fusion is likewise water resistant which can also help it stay ahead in the race.

GoPro Deals for 2018

GoPro deals

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