What to look for in a Canon 80D bundle kit

Announced on February 18, 2018, by Canon, the Canon 80D, which is the succeeds the Canon EOS 70D is a single lens digital reflex camera aimed at enthusiastic mid-market photographers. To get a better experience of this beauty that comes with a number of modifications including a New 24.2-megapixel dual-pixel CMOS sensor, consider adding these accessories to the Canon 80D bundle kit.


This is probably one of the most important accessories to consider including in your bundle. An extra battery is a must especially if you shoot at concerts/weddings or record videos. Usually, an original Canon 80D battery allows for about 960
shots before depletion. Non-Canon batteries can damage your camera, so, it is important to get an original Canon battery.

Consider getting the Canon LP-E6N Battery.

Memory Card

A spare memory card is probably the cheapest but most important accessory in your Canon 80D bundle. Running out of space when shooting for a wedding or concert is almost as bad as your battery running low. So, consider the SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro UHS-I (95MB/s) which offers extra space but also offers fast writing prowess and is shockproof, waterproof and x-ray proof.


Shaking the camera while the shutter is open will lead to blurred images. So, getting a tripod helps you set up quickly while shooting pictures with less shake. Remember that this camera is not light (1.61lbs), so, avoid getting cheaper tripods. The AX620 62″ Tripod and Ball Head with a maximum height of 62 inches are capable of supporting a maximal weight of 13.2lbs. This tripod also features a bubble level and a ball head plate.

Battery Grip

A battery grip offers more stability while doubling your battery life before charging. It also adds a few more buttons including a vertical shutter button. The Canon BG-E8 Battery Grip offers all the above thereby helping those who often shoot vertically to produce sharper images.

Protective Lens Filter

Protective filters are a must-have for photographers and are one of the accessories to have in your Canon 80D bundle. Not only does it offer lens protection from dust, sand and other particles that can stick to the lens but it also protects your lens from smears and fingerprints resulting from daily handling. Some also argue that it can protect the lens in case of shock. Whatever your reason, add a protective lens to your Canon 80D kit.